Email Marketing

The goal of our email marketing is to boost your prospects from one stage of your sales funnel to next level. In other words, our agency will send email that encourage and force individuals to buy your products and services.

Reach More Customers from Dandah Digital Professional Email Marketing Services

Dandah Digital email marketing services facilitate our clients to speed up their sales cycle. Our email marketing aims to boost our valuable client prospects from one stage of their sales funnel to the next level. In other words, our agency will send an email encouraging and forcing individuals to buy your products and services.

We will additionally create a “drip campaign”, or email automation sequences, to send a systematic flow of emails to your marketing leads. Use our email marketing services to speed up your sales cycle, save valuable time and utilize our expert personnel.

Reason for the Importance of Email Marketing in Today’s Global Online World!

Creating a powerful email marketing strategy assist and help business to reach and connect with their target market in a personalized way and increase sales at a reasonable price. Even as different platforms and media have changed, email-marketing tools allow any business to reach their customers more accessible than ever. Even marketing has the most conversion rate as compared to other mediums.


Some of the benefits and email marketing for business are mentioned below in this global online world.


  1. 9 billion individuals use email applications.
  2. 91% of customers check their email on a day to day.
  3. 86% of customers would love to receive promotional emails from corporations they are doing business.
  4. 1/3 of customers have purchased products and services from emails.
  5. For every $1 spent on email promoting, the expected return on investment is $44.


The truth is that business customers check their emails daily. They need to receive emails from brands that they are doing business with. However, they only wish it if you are emailing valuable content. Dandah Digital, an email marketing firm, can assist you in producing emails your audience in a way that they love and have maximum conversion rates.

Dandah Digital Email Marketing Services Include

Email Marketing Strategy

The first factor our firm Dandah Digital can do is develop associate email marketing strategy for your business. It will outline the “who, what, when, and how” of your campaign. We will analysis your audience and confirm who will be the most effective audience to focus on.

We will then construct a content strategy to work out what your brand’s message should be, how will we add value and finally, we will verify once emails will sent, and how they will progress leads down for your selling funnel.

Lead Magnets

The next factor our firm Dandah Digital will do is produce a technique to develop your email list. This usually consists of developing lead magnets, or offers, that incentivize individuals to provide you with their email address in exchange for something important. Examples of lead magnets include free guides, checklists, quizzes, eBooks, and much more. We will work with you to develop a lead magnet to attract additional leads for your business.

Website Call-to-Actions

The next step Dandah Digital email marketing will take to implement call-to-actions on your website to your target audience your lead magnets. This may assist you convert your website visitors into email subscribers. Typical website call-to-actions include floating headers, website pop-up forms, sidebar forms, and more.

Advertising Campaigns

The quickest way to grow your email list is to advertise your lead magnets. You would need to use our own social media advertising or search engine-advertising services to do this.

Our firm Dandah Digital can advertise your lead magnets on every social media platform or on search engines that help them to get with additional subscribers that make impact for increasing in their sales and brand awareness. We would direct traffic from advertising to a custom landing page that allows individuals to opt-in to your email list.

Email Newsletters

Our Email Marketing specialists can design email newsletters that replicate your business. The emails we tend to develop will use best practices for email deliverability, open rates, click-through-rates, and conversion rates. The content within your emails might include relevant blogs, case studies, coming events, and more.

Custom & Proven Email Templates

Our firm Dandah Digital analyze that which content most users move with on your website. Our experts working with experience and professional designer to create email template that matches our clients brand using data from previous email campaigns to incorporate tested design elements

Email List Maintenance

Our firm Dandah Digital also will perform routine list maintenance. It is necessary to remove unengaged subscribers from your email list. If your subscribers do not interact along with your emails, it will negatively affect your email deliverability. In alternative words, if you have a bad email list, you will find your email in spam. We are going to monitor your contacts’ engagement on current basis to confirm that you have an engaged email list and up to date.

Responsive Emails

Business mostly failed to recognize when and where their subscriber can open their email. Is it computer, tablet or mobile? Dandah Digital responsive mailer design offers you freedom and ability to impress our client’s subscriber anywhere. Business mailer can look simply perfect and beautiful. 

Spam Analysis

Business do plenty of hard work to send an email with its design, graphic, content, etc. Then why their hard work spoil, it is simply because of their some silly mistakes. Here at Dandah Digital spam filter showing the intelligence analyze of our clients email and identifies potential causes that put their emails in spam. After that, there will be no chance that any of our email campaign email goes in spam folder.

Benefits of Dandah Digital Email Marketing Services

  1. Proven competency, capability, and professional skills
  2. Our email campaign has guaranteed maximum conversion rates
  3. Tracking and reporting email click rates, bounces, and unsubscribe reports.
  4. Unlimited and valid email listing of any email campaign
  5. With Our SMTP server, your emails will be sent quickly, or you will add any number of SMTP Server For quicker delivery

Email Marketing FAQ

Do we use spam filter for each email marketing campaign?

Yes our firm Dandah Digital use smart work philosophy. We analyze of our clients email and identifies potential causes that put their emails in spam. After that, there will be no chance that any of our email campaign email goes in spam folder.

How can we make customers to read email?

 Our firm Dandah Digital specialize in Clarity, Not creativity. We use Email auto responder service. We continuously follow to put sequence of our every clients email campaign that assist for getting maximum conversion.

How do we grow our client’s email subscribers list?

Dandah Digital firm email marketing content is creative and try gated content to turn blog posts into lead magnets.

How do we write the content of our each client’s email marketing campaign?

We do write a familiar form name which highlights the benefit of our clients product and service and try to write the engaging pre header text.

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